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Infrared heating panels

The infrared heating panel can be mounted on the ceiling or a side wall.

It's only 2 cm thick so it stays in harmony with your room and without you noticing it.

Thanks to its infrared rays it heats up fast so you don't have to wait for hours for your body to warm up.

Just as the sun warms up the earth using infrared radiation, the panel heater warms up your home as if like sunshine.

You feel nice warmth while the air temperature in the room is lower.
It's similar to what happens when the sun shines in the winter cold.

Due to the direct heat exchange, its efficiency is higher than regular heating methods.


Infrared Heating Panel Information

Smart Plus Infrared Heating Panel

Smart Plus Infrared Panel Heater is the most efficient in the market.
Smart Plus Infrared Heating panel is efficient

Smart Plus Infrared heating panel

Newest generation panels: complies with the 2018 European official regulations.

Frame: Elegant white frame

Surface: White PET

Power: from 350W  to 1000W

Mounting method: It can be installed on a wall or on the ceiling also

Warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty on the panel heater and 2 year manufacturing warranty on the control box of the heating device.

Our new infrared heating panel is fitted with an inbuilt sensor that is placed on the back of the panel inside the connection box so that the infrared heater can be operated by remote control.

Price: from £149.99  (incl. VAT)

“Adaptive start”:
The product can determine the optimal time for starting the heating process and can start it so it reaches the desired temperature by the desired time.  
“Open window technology”:
The product is fitted with an inbuilt or external device that decreases heating power when it detects the opening of a window or door.  
“Option for remote access and programmable”:
The product provides the option to control it from outside via remote data communication.  

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