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Outdoor heater

Infrared outdoor heater - wall mounted outdoor heater

infrared outdoor heater brings you a comfortable warmth outside
Our outdoor infrared heaters make outdoor areas comfortable to spend time in.

The new, strong and energy efficient outdoor infrared heater SC and OC series are the best solutions for warming up outside spaces.

The high quality aluminium and chrome heating element can emit strong long distance infrared rays (this is the same warmth of sunshine) so it can warm up the air and the objects in the environment as far as 4-7 metres away with a warm up time of barely 1-3 minutes.

These wall mounted patio heaters are one of the most efficient on the market.
The infrared outdoor heater SC and OC product line is an infrared outdoor heater operating on a very high temperature.
During operation its surface temperature is 300-350°C.


Where can we use the infrared outdoor heater?

Patio heater is the best choice to warm up the café in a cool day
Infrared outdoor heater warms up the café and restaurant

The new electric infrared outdoor heater is ideal for heating outside spaces

- Be it a garden at home,
- The terrace of a café
- The outside space of an office.

This wall mounted outdoor heater is the best choice everywhere.

The infrared outdoor heater can warm up you as far as 4-7 metres away and it warms up in a few minutes.


Infrares Patio Heater SC series an elegant outdoor electric infrared patio heater
Elegant outdoor infrared patio heater is the best choice to heat your garden

Infrared Outdoor Heater - 1800W - 2500W


Heated aera size: 8m2 - 25m2

Price: from £269,99 (incl.VAT)

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