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Underfloor heating film

If you've ever stood outside in the freezing cold while the sun's shining like crazy, you know what it's like to heat using an underfloor heating film.

Your body is warmed up so much you could feel like removing a layer of clothing because you're so hot. This is how the underfloor heating film warms you up.

Heating film is the cheapest underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating film is the most efficeint of all the heating methods

There's no annual maintenance, no chimney inspection, no boiler control and no complete check-ups of the regular heating system. That's all in the past. There are no moving and wearing parts in the heating film.

Its installation usually takes 1-2day. The expert installers come in the morning and leave in the evening with your heating up and running and your home feeling like like it's being warmed by the sun itself.

Installation is fast of the theating film as underfloor heating
Installation of Heating film is incredibly fast and easy
The underfloor heating film is the best electric underfloor heating. It brings your home a wonderful warmth as if from the sun, making it super cosy on cold winter days.

Its installation is immensely quick and simple.

Of all the electric underfloor heating options, using underfloor Heating Film is by far the cheapest to install.

Electric underfloor heating using underfloor heating film is the safest and cheapest heating. It beats regular heating methods in every way.

A heating film of outstanding quality that lasts almost a lifetime. It's ultra thin.

It's a healthy heating solution without toxic emissions and operates without the danger of carbon monoxide. Its installation can take 1-2 days only, so you don't have to tiptoe around workers in your torn up flat or house.

It's easy to install in both newly-built and existing homes. In old houses or flats there's usually not much room under the floor.
Since the infrared heating film is very thin it's an excellent solution for cheap and clean heating.

Order the Infrared Heating film now

It's a heating film of outstanding quality that could last for 50 years.

It's ultra thin.

It can be installed under the flooring,
- parquet,
- carpet,
- wall-to-wall carpet,
- PVC,
- laminated floor,
- tiles
- floor tiles.

The electric heating film is available in several width sizes (30cm, 50cm, 80cm and 100cm width size).
It can be cut every 25cm allowing it to be fitted and tailored exactly to the area.

It's a healthy heating solution without toxic emissions and operates without the danger of carbon monoxide.

Its installation can take only 1 day, so you don't have to spend days or weeks tiptoeing around workers in a torn up house.

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